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101 Mimosa Drive

Paris, TN 38242


Where Did it All Begin?

If you have ever been curious as to how this studio got its start, you are in the right place! Sandra & Kailey's Dance studio comes from a line of proficient instructors who paved the way, making everything that we have today, possible. So where did it all begin?

In the kitchen of her mother’s local restaurant, Bill’s Cafe, Lyndia Cochran began dancing at 4 years old. She recalls that she, and one of her mother’s cooks, would jitterbug all around the kitchen, frequently getting scolded for doing so. This masterful, charismatic, and well-rounded woman would go on to continue dancing but in a more suitable setting—the dance classroom.

          Miss Lyndia began studying tap and ballet, from then Murray High band instructor, Miss Betty Davis. They would hold dance lessons on the stage in what now is known as Murray Middle School. During the summer, the classes would relocate to the Fine Arts Building at Murray State University. Miss Betty soon relocated to Benton, KY where Miss Lyndia directly followed.

          So, Miss Lyndia, at just 9 years of age, would pay 25 cents, round trip, to board a bus that would take her to Benton for lessons each week. Because her family had little to no money for dance lessons, it was decided that Lyndia would clean and do ironing chores for Miss Betty, in exchange for her lessons. But she didn’t mind—she wanted to learn more about dance!

          When Miss Lyndia was in the 5th grade, Rosemary Peterson came to Murray.

          And when Miss Lyndia learned of Miss Rosemary arriving in Murray, she wished badly to dance and learn with her. So, once again having little to no money in which to pay for lessons, it was decided that she would collect dance fees for Miss Peterson in exchange for her classes. She would go on to dance for 4 hours a day—learning as much as she possibly could.

          In 1956, after Lyndia had moved to and returned from Michigan, she once again wished to dance with and help Miss Rosemary. Instead, Rosemary insisted that she open up her own school—and that is just what she did. She began teaching in the Austin Building of the Murray Grade School. In September of 1958, she relocated to 8th Street, where she would go on to teach until 1964. In this year, she would find her permanent studio home at Fairlane Drive—at the very same studio you see us in today!


Without the sweat, determination, and perseverance of those that came before us, we know that we would not be faced with the opportunities in dance that we love and enjoy today. We give full credit to our predecessors and dedicate our lives to sharing the art and our love of dance!

Rosemary Peterson

Miss Rosemary, fondly remembered as a sweet and gentle woman, was originally from Chicago, IL. Miss Rosemary was not just an instructor but a performer and an amazing entertainer! In fact, Miss Rosemary, at one time, traveled with a Vaudeville show that toured all of the United States and throughout Europe. She performed with the greats such as Bob Hope, Abbott & Costello, and many others. Miss Rosemary was expert as a performer and teacher, with a proficiency in dance acrobats as well.

Interesting Fact: Miss Rosemary was actually traveling and performing in a Vaudeville act when World War II began. She was forced to return back to the States where she continued entertaining and eventually would begin working as an instructor.